The main important lawn care steps

Service Lawn ventilation

Regular lawn aeration produces ground breathing, nutritional supplements and creates a solid foundation for a green, long grass hold. The professional team of Landscaping Knoxville TN utilize best practices to ensure the most effective aeration. This is a process that is best done in spring and fall. This process stimulates the growth of weeds.

Grass Seed Service

We can provide a healthy green grass and even your home by using our tools and expertise to deliver optimal results. In the early fall, lawn care knoxville tn saw almost grass bones. Autumn-sown grass will come three seasons of possible growth for the hot summer season. This will give you enough time to build a mature time of the root system. While cool grass season will germinate when the soil temperature remains above 55 ° September is the best time to plant grass in our area. October is the second best month.


Sewing and Garden Care

According to knoxville tn lawn care Mulch can be about anything you can do everything possible to help their trees and plants to stay healthy. Mulch restores the balance of the natural forest covered with soil cover and adds organic material under trees and shrubs. Adding mulch also helps keep the moisture and reduces the need to cut the near important plants. Malts help keep cooler in the summer and warm winter cover temperature. This process is very important to restore the nutrients lost in conditions of bright light and immobile soil.

Garden Services

Our team has over 25 years experience in all aspects of gardening. From lawn care to removing trees, which are able to transform any property in the pet care garden because there are many homeowners and business dreams. Once a property has managed visual appeal, it should be preserved and protected. Liberty Tree and landscape management holds these activities, so your garden will continue in the coming years.

Lawn Mowing Knoxville TN can assess your needs and then make a landscape design, construction and maintenance plan work with your ideas and budget. It is important to develop a comprehensive plan that can be grown over the years. A good plan usually includes trees, grass, mulching, electric lights and hardscaping. Landscape resource that is well done, will add significant value and beauty to your home.


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