How to take care of your lawn

Go to the garden center and see the great lawn tractors and mowers large bag of grass and grass seed. Spreader that can make it difficult to storage. And maybe you think this is the only one in the world with a small garden? The fact is that lawns are smaller because new homes are built on smaller plots. As a result, many more tools and equipment designed for all sizes of lawns.

Tools of different sizes

According to Lawn Care Farragut, rather than cut big heavy power, use a hand wheel action of the machine. Ideal for use in the garden of 1,000 square meters or less, these mowers are so light, they are hung for storage. They make a great cut and routed. Make sure that you are looking for that you can adjust the cutting height 2½-3 inches.

Food and seed opportunities for small gardens

Many dealers in the market for large surfaces, but may not be practical for you. Fortunately, handheld transmitter. Wilkerson Lawn have designed the easy oil with a small garden in the back. Ideal for applying seed, grass and other small areas.

Territory around a small garden

A small lawn can cause a dramatic impact in shaping the landscape. It may even be enhanced by adding a bush or a good container as a focal point at the end. Some people have a mirror behind the bar mounted against a wall or fence to create the illusion of size. You can also place a row fence garden at the bottom of the garden, which makes it look beautiful. Use your imagination and according to the grass, which is quite small.

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Take Care of Your Lawn While on Vacation

Get the lawn ready for the moment

When summer arrives, it may be time to pack up and get a week or two of Dodge. Unfortunately, the lawn can not stop smoking during your absence. Here are some tips to help your lawn to get your summer vacation.

If you are going for a week

If you are away for a week in the summer, the lawn will not even miss it. Algae beds grow more slowly in the summer heat, so according to the Lawn Care Knoxville simple preparations will not have any problems. Mow the lawn to normal height, the day before you leave. If you deplete your lawn, you should water the day before you leave if the water is not restricted.

If you are going away for more than two weeks

Before you go, put on a slope cutter and mow the leaves of the day for you. When you return, your two-notch cutter is raised before mowing. Test more than a third of the height of the grass at the same time to take off. Also, water the lawn deeply the day before you leave if the water is not restricted.

Your lawn can go inactive in hot and dry weather while you are out. Do not worry. Latent is a good management system for grass. You can if you go back to deep water. If it is more than two weeks, you can hire neighborhood children or a mowing company to mow the lawn while you are away.

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